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Should I buy a house

Q:  Should I buy a house?    A: YES!

Should I buy a house?   

According to Yahoo, This question is on many Americans’ minds 

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“Google searches in the U.S. for “Should I buy a house” doubled in March from last month, reaching an all-time high last week, according to Meyers Research. The jump could mean that potential homebuyers are torn between taking advantage of historically low-interest rates and waiting to see the effect that the coronavirus outbreak will have on the economy. “

The Answer to the question is Absolutely YES!

It is a fact of life that we as humans require a space to sleep, eat, keep your personal items, shower, grow.  Period.  

In this need or requirement, you have two options.  Rent OR Buy. 

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Both cost about the same amount of money each month. 

The Difference?  Buying builds wealth for YOU,  Renting builds wealth for someone else.   These are facts.

I’m sure you have also heard that interest rates are “historically low”.  But what does that really mean?!?  It means that borrowing money is cheaper than it has been, EVER.   Even if the economy tanks (which I don’t see that happening anytime soon) you will still need to sleep somewhere.  

So my question to you is What is holding you back? More info: HERE Or if you have further questions I’m happy to help you get answers.   I love serving my clients and feel blessed to have the opportunity to help them.   I know the destination and I would love the opportunity to take you there too.

Marcus Walker – Waters Edge Realty

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